A new way of giving

Team Forward Project offers companies the opportunity to donate part of their earnings to non-profit organizations, by mobilizing their team members.

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Motivate your team members by letting them choose the causes to support

Team Forward Project is meant to encourage each member of your team to choose where their share of the corporate donation will go based on the causes they care about most. Our goal is to encourage business leaders to contribute more while mobilizing their employees.

Be part of the change

The average annual donation in Quebec amounts 130 $*. What if we made a difference collectively? Technology gives us the power to make corporate giving an inspiring experience for the benefit of our communities.

* Statistics Canada, 2018




How it works?

Each member of your team is permitted to choose the causes and non-profit organizations they care about and send them a donation. An easy and generous way to support your community by engaging your employees.

Simplified donations

We use technology to simplify corporate donation. The app offers a comprehensive list of registered Canadian nonprofits ready to receive a donation.

Decide where the donations go

With the Team Forward Project platform, each member of your team creates a personalized profile and decides where his part of the overall corporate donation will be gifted to.

Any questions?

Our technology serves to make corporate giving easier. Each member of a team can choose, through the Team Forward platform, where their portion of the corporate donation made by their employer will be gifted to.

How can we register for the Team Forward Project?

Complete the following form to register your company. Currently, platform users can give back by getting involved in a corporate campaign. We invite all businesses to mobilize their team and start a campaign.

How does a corporate giving campaign work?

A company manager should first get in touch with a member of our team to discuss the campaign details (campaign start and end dates, list of participants, etc.). Then, the campaign is launched and it's time to give back all together!

How much money is needed to launch a corporate campaign?

No need to have a big budget. Every dollar counts!

How much does it cost to use the Team Forward Project digital platform?

The platform is 100% free for the companies that use it and 100% of the donations go directly to the chosen non-profit organizations.

How do I get my nonprofit listed on the Team Forward Project digital platform?

By communicating with us by using the following form.

Why join the Team Forward Project?

By having the more companies display such generosity through charity, the more widespread the pride of contributing will become, which will aid in improving the average donation in Quebec.

Give back to built a better world.

At Team Forward Project, we have the following mission: to increase the average annual donation in Quebec by motivating local companies to mobilize their team members to give back collectively to non-profit organizations of their choice.

Through our digital platform, we are contributing to making corporate giving much simpler and more accessible to many non-profit organizations that are in need. Giving is more essential than ever and companies have an important social responsibility towards our community. Together, we can positively impact our community. Team Forward Project is a new way to harness the power of technology to serve philanthropy and build a better world.